Companies have been using Customer Service Reps (CSRs), and have been recording their calls, for decades. With the advances in text mining tools there are new opportunities to better understand the calls and the performance of the CSRs. Our goal is to create real time transcription that can run locally on a CSR’s computer and convert their calls into text that can be manipulated by AI systems.

The challenge here is that there are multiple systems, SIP clients, physical phones, etc. for the phone calls, and many different CRM systems that they may or may not integrate with. We are looking for you to design a generic system that can be customized as needed.

The £1000

CSR Tech Challenge


Split audio actors (i.e. the Customer from the Customer Service Rep) from real time audio stream, convert speech to text, and logically store each of the two clearly separated files into a database in a directory on both the user’s computer and a (configurable) remote server.

Bonus Points will be awarded for:

  1. A second copy of the transcription in the form of a script with the Customer and CSR clearly identified.  (e.g. CSR: Hi How are you?  Customer: I’m angry because I can’t login!)

  2. Quality of the transcription, i.e. the percentage of words accurately transcribed by the system vs. missed or wrong words




This project should use embedded technologies, not cloud based services. 



  1. Capture Audio on a computer from a SIP client or the O/S if you prefer

    • Split actors (talker vs. listener) / mic input vs speaker input

    • This should be built using .NET libraries and the C# programming language. Bonus points awarded for .NET Core. 

    • Ensure it works with a free SIP client, preferably X-Lite http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite/ 

  2. Transcribe speech to text for both actors in near real time

  3. Render text on a desktop application

    • Render the text output in as near-real time as possible

Sign Up & Submission

Start by signing up here, we just need your name, email address and team name. We will then send you more information including what you need to know about submitting.

Deadline: Friday April 6th 2018.


The winning team will receive a £1000 in Amazon gift certificates.

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