Case Study

"We expected to pay seven figures to build a solution that it turned out we already owned. The folks at IMC took an incremental approach, allowing us to stop spending when we knew enough - which turned out to be far sooner than we expected!"

RBC - Bespoke Retailer Lending


RBC was manually processing credit apps submitted by fax from Home Depot 


We enhanced the existing indirect lending portal and created a standard workflow for RBC to easily and quickly approve loans, and communicate with Home Depot staff if they needed additional information.

  • Applications were approved minutes after being submitted; shoppers could keep shopping while it was being processed; customers could go home happily with their purchase without having to wait.

  • Applications were more accurate and better informed so credit risk was reduced

The best new systems don’t work if they’re not accepted by the people who are expected to use them.


Understanding your people, what motivates them, and how they will adapt and adopt is critical.