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AI for Decision-Making 

Automating Intuition

Understanding the Status Quo

Research! IMC specializes in research, not simply the “ask users about what they want” or “show them some mock-ups and get a reaction” but the deep, thorough Anthropological work that delves into your Organization’s Culture, Habits, Perceptions, as well as the Analogies that drive Understanding. From that Research a deeper understanding is reached, and then new AI based systems can be developed.

Design the Algorithms

The existing paradigms for the development of new systems are deeply flawed. Companies tend to develop new systems thinking about incremental improvement, but fail to consider how the new systems will actually augment the humans who will use them. 
At IMC, we start by looking at WHAT aspects of human understanding the new systems can augment, and work backwards to determine HOW they will do it.

Building Acceptance of the New System

New systems, no matter how great, are useless unless they work in Human Terms. Often, companies will reach out to us after they’ve implemented a new system that simply isn’t delivering on its promise. IMC has specific expertise in analysing the “why’s” of adoption, and the Organizational Behaviour behind the pathways to adoption and implementation of new business processes.

"Less than 20% of office workers properly leverage the features in Microsoft Office* – sadly most other company systems aren't designed to exceed this standard"
~ Stuart Sherman, Founder, IMC
*SoftWatch April 2014