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In business, we are either Decision Makers, or about to be replaced by software or robots. At IMC we think of the Websites we build as Decision Support Systems. Whether it’s a customer facing website, an internal portal, or a mobile app, someone needs to figure out how to use it and more importantly use it to generate the result that your company planned to have that User achieve. Since your User doesn’t have a manual, the design of the system, and its ability to trigger human heuristics (mental shortcuts and assumptions) is critical!

Where Human Psychology, 
The Web  and AI Converge


Everything starts with the User. At IMC it could be a Website, a Mobile App, an Intranet Portal or an AI Based Process. Whatever it is, Users needs to interact with it and get YOUR desired result. Desired Results are Designed in, we call it Persuasive Design, which centers around getting Users to the endpoint the organization is hoping for. In ecommerce it can be increased sales conversion and basket size. 

The Modern

The existing paradigms for the development of new systems are deeply flawed. Companies tend to develop new systems thinking about incremental improvement, but fail to consider how the new systems will actually augment the humans who will use them. 
At IMC, we start by looking at WHAT aspects of human understanding the new systems can augment, and work backwards to determine HOW they will do it.



We look at AI differently. We think in terms of the “hidden AI” that already surrounds you. The Camera on your phone, asking Siri, Alexa or Google for information to help, are already an invisible part of our daily lives. When thinking about AI and the Web, we think of how it can invisibly enable Users to do things better. Like Search your site, get a product recommendation, or better understand options. 

"Less than 20% of office workers properly leverage the features in Microsoft Office* – sadly most other company systems aren't designed to exceed this standard"
~ Stuart Sherman, Founder, IMC
*SoftWatch April 2014



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