At IMC we feel that building the perfect mousetrap is only a small piece of a larger endeavour. If people don't know how to use - or want to use - the mousetrap, then the fact it does a great job is eclipsed because nobody will use it. 

We feel that there is a lifecycle to all projects, they start with deep understanding and end with software that is made accessible to users without an instruction manual - there is no shortcut. Systems must work hand in hand with human psychology and expectations or they are destined to fail.

IMC shines because it takes User Psychology and Persuasive Design into account as both part of the design and deployment processes, guaranteeing the solution you paid for yields the result you expect.
IMC is at the convergence of the modern web, artificial Intelligence and human psychology.

Human Psychology

Everything starts with the User. At IMC it could be a Website, a Mobile App, an Intranet Portal or an AI Based Process. Whatever it is, Users needs to interact with it and get YOUR desired result. Desired Results are Designed in, we call it Persuasive Design, which centers around getting Users to the endpoint the organization is hoping for. In ecommerce it can be increased sales conversion and basket size. 

The Modern Web

People have been using websites since we started developing them in 1994. What we’re finding today is that companies tend to develop new systems thinking about incremental improvement, but fail to consider how the new systems will actually be delivered to the humans who will use them. We build websites for multinational banks and other large organizations. We have full time experts on Web Security, Load Management and Regional Deployment. No job is too large or too complex.

Artificial Intelligence

We look at AI differently. We think in terms of the “hidden AI” that already surrounds you. The Camera on your phone, asking Siri, Alexa or Google for information to help, are already an invisible part of our daily lives. When thinking about AI and the Web, we think of how it can invisibly enable Users to do things better. Like Search your site, get a product recommendation, or better understand options. 

We’ve done pioneering work in the fields of Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing and Marketing, designing the approaches, processes, methodologies and messages needed to enable an organization to embrace new tools and derive maximum benefit from them.



We don’t just stop here, we actually START here – when we design new systems, we contemplate how they will be rolled out, sold-in, and adopted because if these thoughts are not part of the design from square one, then it is always more challenging to get the new systems accepted by their intended Users and your organization's goals actually met.


IMC has worked with IBM since the launch of Watson. IMC is IBM's lead development partner for Watson solutions in the Enterprise space. Additionally, IBM and IMC are working on specific enhancements to IBM products to support more robust cognitive computing approaches within the existing software.

IMC is a Microsoft Partner Network Member holding Gold Status in the Application Development and Cloud Platform categories. As a Cloud Solutions Provider IMC can plan, design, deploy, and manage Azure cloud based solutions for customers of all sizes. 

IMC is Rogers' Strategic System Integration Partner. IMC works with Rogers to build software solutions that integrate Rogers' products into their clients' systems. We do everything from designing new systems using Rogers' products to leveraging the capabilities of Rogers' amazing products so they provide deep value to their clients.