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About Us

IMC officially opened its doors in 2004. Today, we have almost 100 people working in 5 cities and have partnered with some of the best technology companies and platforms in the world including being an, IBM Lead Partner for Watson in Canada, Microsoft Gold Partner, Shopify Plus Partner, Adobe AEM Partner, Agility Partner, and more!

Our client list includes several major banks, telcos, consumer packaged goods companies, insurance companies, health and pharmaceutical firms, gas companies, and many governmental agencies in Canada and the US. 

We have the experience, skill, breadth and depth to address most business challenges. And we love working on them!

At IMC, we are always focused on ensuring the solutions we design and build use the latest technologies, methodologies, modalities, and approaches with the specific goal to deliver peak professional performance and smarter business by design.

"IMC met our eLearning and training requirements exceptionally well and we were able to embed the program as a key part of our training for many years.  Their success was due to having a very clear understanding of the needs of both the trainers and trainees, appreciating the benefit of flexible learning models and ensuring competency development.”

Doug Jones

Vice President Manufacturing & Operations
Lafarge North America Inc

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