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Case Study

Lafarge North America - Employee Learning

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Lafarge has over 3000 drivers across North America that require regular safety training. However, drivers have different learning styles and personalities, making traditional printed and digital learning aids ineffective.


IMC devised an eLearning system to provide personalized content and testing for drivers by profiling their personalities. This greatly increased engagement and knowledge retention, both improving the trainer and trainee experience as well employee and public safety.

"IMC met our eLearning and training requirements exceptionally well and we were able to embed the program as a key part of our training for many years.

Their success was due to having a very clear understanding of the needs of both the trainers and trainees, appreciating the benefit of flexible learning models and ensuring competency development."

Doug Jones

Vice President Manufacturing & Operations
Lafarge North America Inc


Along with Improved safety performance scores, Lafarge in-class training requirements was reduced resulting in a substantial reduction of travel and accommodation costs for trainers and trainees. 



New systems never reach their maximum potential unless they address the individual personalities and culture of the people who use them. Don’t change the culture, change the technology.

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