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Case Study

Alliance Atlantis - Digital Asset Management

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Reduce the turnaround time required to deliver digital assets to partners and advertisers while maintaining asset security.


A bespoke online DAM (Digital Asset Management) System that combined partner and advertiser access and validation, secure asset preview and automated description, as well as accounting integration and digital asset delivery.

"IMC’s solution was so successful Alliance Atlantis was able to take a cost of doing business and turn it into a new revenue stream"

Tim Lambertus
Director, Operations & Technology

Alliance Atlantis


The right digital assets were being delivered to the rights partners and advertisers for the first time.  The time between asset selection to file transfer was cut down by a third.  Software support and maintenance costs were cut in half, and requiring half as many Alliance Atlantis support staff.



Even the best, new, systems won’t work if they’re not accepted by the people who use them.  Understanding the User, what motivates them, how they will adapt, and what they will adopt is critical. 

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