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A company logo in the top left corner of a website is a proven UX best practice that helps improve user experience

placing the main menu here is a proven UX best practice that creates a strong visual hierarchy reducing the time accessing the menu

Design Principals

Where The Web, AI
& Psychology Meet

Bringing Psychology & AI

to eCommerce, Banking &

Self-Regulating Professions  

The  first section should focus on communicating the value proposition, and key offerings, and include a clear call to action encouraging user engagement.


When it comes to web design, imagery plays a crucial role in capturing users' attention, conveying information, and evoking specific emotions.

We Are Decision Makers

At IMC we think of websites as Decision Support Systems. 

​We determine how users interact with your website, portal or software to generate the results your company and its users expect.  We design systems that tap into human heuristics making your platform simple for users to understand and easy use.


At the intersection of Psychology and Technology

At IMC, we have an innovative approach to developing software systems for modern organizations. By intersecting technology and psychology to create value for users and employees at every touchpoint, we achieve successful,  human-centric,  business transformation.

IMC helps businesses adapt lifecycle transformations creating personalized communications, demand-driven commerce and automated customer service.

Working with you, and our ecosystem of partners, IMC applies business design, industry expertise, automation and AI across your platforms, your workflows and your business.

IMC CEO, Stuart Sherman, giving a presentation.

"Less than 20% of office workers properly leverage the features in Microsoft Office* – sadly most other company systems aren't designed to exceed this standard"

3rd Global AI Annual Awards, award winners badge

Stuart Sherman, Founder, IMC

* SoftWatch April 2014

When incorporating expert opinions within websites, it is crucial to ensure that the opinions are genuine, relevant, and up-to-date.



Here, our CEO provides a little more detail about our approach and why we think it contributes to the  design of systems for the modern web, in exciting and important ways.

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IMC Business Architecture
2001 Sheppard East, Suite 200Toronto, ONM2J 4Z8 Canada


The "Fold" comes from traditional print design, where the most important information would be placed "above the fold", so that it would be immediately visible.

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