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Case Study

Loyalty One, Air Miles - The Power of Data and the Creation of Mobile Wallets

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Loyalty One was looking for a long term "non-card" solution for Air Miles collectors at all retail transaction points.  They were not interested in winning an "eWallet war" but wanted to be in ALL eWallets.


IMC created a working version of an e-wallet that incorporated Air Miles collection and successfully  tested it amongst the 1400+ Loyalty One employees.

We expected to pay seven figures to build a solution that it turned out we already owned. The folks at IMC took an incremental approach, allowing us to stop spending when we knew enough - which turned out to be far sooner than we expected!

Brandon Milner

Digital Director
Loyalty One, Air Miles


Over 90% of employees used the eWallet, driving increased sales within the Loyalty One Employee "Bistros" and huge success in shaping time of purchase and purchase intent.

LoyaltyOne is now invited into discussions with every major FI regarding the data collected and the impact an e-Wallet can have on consumer behaviour.



A calm, rational approach to problem-solving is required, no matter what you’re dealing with.  Take a step back, understand the problem, and descend each decision tree until you find a solution. 

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