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Case Study

RIOCAN - Digital tools (Mobile Apps and Websites)

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Develop Mobile Applications and Websites that allow its retail shopping centers to communicate their individual and unique cultures while motivating shoppers with offers, promos and job opportunities.


Using location based technology, IMC developed a customizable Content Management System (CMS) that allowed for unique site branding by property and updated both mobile and web sites simultaneously. The CMS enables Mall Managers and tenants to update relevant sections with unique and targeted offers, promotions and communications that make the shopping experience richer.

"They [IMC] came in with Rogers and amazed us with how they could add value to our planned WiFi offering. We were able to roll out a solution in record time, but most importantly, we were able to support it across our multiple sites."

Lyle Goodis

Chief Marketing Officer


Tenant involvement and shopper participation has doubled since inception. Based on feedback from both these groups, location based services have been fast tracked.



Change is imminent and inescapable.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change that is able to survive the times. Technology and communication is constantly evolving and conveniently improving for the better. Therefore, businesses who fail to stay relevant with current business practices and technologies have the greatest potential for failure.

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